About Us

EMG/ESB LLC was founded in 1992, and since that the congress events have become an integral part of our activity. Providing all the necessary conditions for efficient business communication, experience and information exchange on the events venue, we help our clients broaden business contacts and establish mutually beneficial relations with foreign colleagues, receive relevant information and find interesting decisions.

Our principles

1. Focus on customer.
Ideas for our events are the answer to your business demands. We are open to your feedback, advice and critics.

2. Quality and novelty of the events organization.
Any idea demands high-quality realization. We invent and work out the things nobody has done before. Our employees have a serious experience of the most ambitious ideas realization. We know the procedure of business events organization and holding in all the details and peculiarities that lets minimize any risks and guarantee an overall success.

3. Industry involvement.
Our staff members are not ordinary event organizers. Every employee specializes in the events within his competence in particular industry. Having many years of communication with industries leaders and leading experts, the company’s staff has received necessary knowledge and experience as well as the wide contacts network.

4. Combination of Russian and foreign expert knowledge and relations.
We accumulate expert knowledge, experience, international relations and provide them to our customers and partners. We widen our expert world network every day to let our clients receive innovative experience, establish new contacts and develop their business.


EMG/ESB LLC arranges various effective discussion platforms from round tables to the largest international conferences, therefore establishes mutually beneficial relations and solves promptly highly important questions between state structures and business environment. We use our experience of organization and realization of current opportunities and strive to provide maximum beneficial economical result for our clients and partners offering interesting, serious and responsible decisions in events organization and coordination. Our events united more than 50 cities, 12 countries and thousands of people. We are the best organizer. Quality, Partnership, Income are the tasks we solve successfully.


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